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Sharing Excellence
in Defense & Civil Systems

Electroop S.A.

Electroop is initially oriented to the marketing and maintenance of night vision glasses and similar optical devices. In 1999 an agreement with the German firm ESW was reached to manufacture under license the electric turret drive and weapon stabilization system for the Spanish Leopard Program, launched in 1998.

In 2001 ESW took the majority of the company’s stock. Later on the company extended its areas of activity, seeking to provide its customers a greater added value, and set up a workshop for the production of electronic boards in both THT and SMD technology.

Nowadays Electroop is member of the Jenoptik Group in the division of Defense & Civil Systems. Electroop is located in Alcobendas, the north area of Madrid, and counts with some 1,000 meters squared of facilities distributed in offices, production workshop and warehouse.

Electroop is a company established in 1997.

Business areas:

Own industrial activity: include the following activities

  • Electronic: manufacture of electronic boards, manufacture and assembly of electronic boxes and electro-mechanical subsystems.
  • Optic: maintenance of optical equipments for night and diurnal vision.
  • Maintenance and technical support

Commercial representation: Electroop is the authorized representative in Spain of different international companies, including the integrated into Jenoptik.

Products and Solutions:
  • Manufacture of electronic boards
  • Electronic boxes and electro-mechanical subsystems
  • Optic
  • Test and trials
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • Offset management