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Digital comparator

The PNEUTAMIC, when used with a pneumatic gauge, is capable of performing extremely high precision dimensional measurements

The unit is simple to use and does not require adjustments. The PNEUTAMIC is easy to integrate and user friendly.

The module aspect of the PNEUTAMIC, simplifies the connection and data exchange between units and/or external network.
The PNEUTAMIC offers the following benefits:

- Non contact measurement
- High accuract
- Resolution: Metric=0.0001mm / inch=.000001"
- Durability and reliability
- Cleaning of measured surfaces
- Static or dynamic measurements

The PNEUTAMIC is fully programmable using three data entry keys:


- Actual dimension or difference from a floating zero
- Metric or inch

Dimension status: within specification, oversize or undersize.


- Simple or differential
- Zero offset

Dynamic gauging: maxi, mini, T.I.R, (Max. + Mini.)/2

- Upper and lower tolerance limits
- Compensation for surface finish


- With one master anywhere within part specification limits
- With one set of min-max masters, the PNEUTAMIC computes the gain automatically based on certified values of the masters.

Technical data:

- Gauge connection: 1/4 " BSP
- Measuring range (depending on tooling): From ± 5 to ± 120 µm
- Precision: 0.5 % of measuring range
- Digital Display: 8 digits
- Protection: IP65
- Operating temperature: +5°C / +50°C
- Electric power supply: 115/230 VAC
- Stacking: In air and electric supply
- Networking: RS232
- Air supply pressure: Between 2 to 4 bar
- Air saving unit: Can be integrated as an option