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Industrial Metrology
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Analog measuring heads
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Gauge head for plain outer diameters

The CR60 gauge head is used for applications requiring an extreme precision on parts of small smooth (plain) diameter.

Typical example: Grinding of pistons or injection needles.

- For external smooth (plain) diameters
- Easy adjustment of diameter with a dovetail toothed rack
- Standard setting range: Ø 4 to Ø 56 mm, extensible by special accessories
- Repeatability: 0.2 µm (in standard condition)
- Linearity: 0.2 % over ± 200 µm
- Gauge arms engagement/disengagement (hydraulic or electric): 0.5 mm
- Standard measuring force: 2 N per gauge arm
- Measuring head retraction slide: hydraulic or pneumatic (travel varies)


- Measuring head with electrical gauge arms engagement/disengagement system.
- Measuring head with hydraulic gauge arms engagement/disengagement system.
- Measuring head with mechanical stop.
- Measuring head without retraction or stop.
- Measuring head with mechanical stop, special performance for SM79 (horizontal assembly) manual gauging bench.