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Defense & Civil Systems
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IR-TCM Infrared Camera Modules

Security Services and Night Vision

The IR-TCM infrared camera modules from jenoptik are thermal imagers for automated remote surveillance of areas and objects.

The uncooled high-resolution microbolometer detectors usd in the infrared camera modules generate highly detailed images and thus provide excellent detection capabilities for monitoring of wide areas - even in total darkness.

The IR-TCM series of infrared camera modules is designed for stationary operation and for system integration, for example in security service equipment. The cameras use uncooled microbolometer focal plane arrays (FPA) with resolutions between 384x288 pixels and 640x480 pixels, operating in the spectral range between 7.5 µm and 14 µm. The optional optical Resolution Enhancement technology available for some models boosts the image resolution up to 1.2 megapixels and warrants highly detailed infrared images.

Easy system integration

Designed for stationary operation and remote control via an external PC, the IR-TCM infrared camera modules transfer image data wireless (WLAN) or via cable connection to the controlling PC for image display, processing or analysis.

Standard interfaces such as RS232, S/C Video, IEEE1394 Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), USB or WLAN warrant ease and flexibility for integration into surveillance systems.

Automated monitoring and surveillance - also under harsh operating conditions

An important field for remote infrared imaging or surveillance are situations and areas that cannot be accessed by camera operators due to restricted space conditions, hazardous environments, electromagnetic or ionizing radiation, or poisonous atmospheres.


Sales Infrared Technology
+49 3641 65-3942
+49 3641 65-3494
Sales Infrared Technology
+49 3641 65-3942
+49 3641 65-3494