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SPC measuring station
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SPC measuring station





The SPC measuring stations of the HOMMEL OPTICLINE product group are designedspecifically for optimum ease of operation for worker self-inspection in theproduction environment.

SPC measuring stations can be used via differentintegrated interfaces for the Statistical Process Control (SPC).
The productionprocess can therefore be monitored very efficiently and influenced very close toreal time by the fast result feedback.



The optical, non-contact shaft measurement systems for worker self-inspectionin production applications are suitable for workpieces up to a diameter of 230mm and a length of 1000 mm.


WMS Series

The large optical, non-contact shaft measurement systems are suitable forworkpieces up to a diameter of 480mm, a length of  2500mm and a part weight of250kg.


Workpiece-specific solutions

Special solutions for shaft-shaped workpieces.

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