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Sharing Excellence
in Defense & Civil Systems
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Defense & Civil Systems


Visions and Realizations

Our broad product portfolio is divided into five areas of competence. So we can take advantage of synergies and bundle our strengths in the best way. In doing so we focus on your demands to offer you the best solution.

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ESW GmbH | Sensor Systems
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Lechmotoren GmbH
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Our ­Areas of Competence

» Energy Systems
» Optical Sensor Systems
» Stabilization Systems 
» Aviation Subsystems
» Radomes & Composites


These areas of competence, each with its associated product portfolio covers a number of industry sectors with different product emphases.


Function and Know-How

Primarily we serve customers of the aerospace, security, defense and transportation industries.

For these markets we have created solutions of our versatile applications to enhance the performance of their systems and pro­ducts.

The ­division Defense & ­Civil Systems emerged from the following companies: ESW GmbH, Lechmotoren GmbH and the Sensor Systems business unit of JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH. We pair their tradition and expertise with innovative technologies, which satisfy the demands of our customers.


Areas of Competence

Energy Systems
We plan develop and build electrical energy systems in various forms, for applications that are just as varied. We operate in military and civil segments, in public short- and long-haul transportation, and with commercial vehicles.
Optical Sensor Systems
For all your questions about monitoring, measuring, processing, and analyzing by means of light, our specialists offer you their comprehensive know-how.
Stabilization Systems
The stabilization technology we have developed is used in both military and commercial safety and traffic technology. We are proud to have a ­world-leading position in this technology.
Aviation Subsystems
In the Defense & Civil Systems division we deal with highly complex systems and components to improve the safety and comfort of the airplanes made by our international customers.
Radomes & Composites
Even minimal devia­tions in characteristics, quality and performance of ­ materials can have wide-reaching affects on the final product. That is why we focus on the design, production and intensive testing of various composites.