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Optical Systems
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Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor components which emit light.
We produce LEDs in the spectral range from 365 to 1750 nm with very low variations of optical and electrical performance, high degradation stability and high efficiency.

Additionally we offer TO-cans (transistor outline cans) for high reliability and high temperature range.

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LEDs are becoming more and more important for lighting applications. Some of the most beneficial areas are:

  • Health care & life science (diagnostics, therapy)
  • Photo technology (camera lighting, display chips)
  • Automation technology (point sources)
  • Safety technology (sensors, headlights)

Use our capabilities to your advantage with:

  • Special designs
  • High-speed chips
  • High-power chips
  • Point source chips
  • Monolithic display chips­



Surface-emitting semiconductor light-emitting diode: Patent in US, TW: US 8847241 B2, TW435045  |  Pending Patent in EP, JP, CN, KR  |  Registered Utility model in DE202011000758




Optoelectronic Systems
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