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Optical Systems
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Alignment Pip Generator

The CoastalOpt® Model 10 Alignment Pip Generator provides an optical, non-contact method for alignment of refractive and reflective optical assemblies. The tool adapts to any alignment telescope, and provides a point source which is in the center of the alignment telescope aperture. The displacement of the image from each refractive or reflective surface in the optical system indicates the tilt/centering error of the surface.

Unlike other methods of optical alignment, the JOSI Model 10 uses white light illumination, eliminating speckle and allowing the metrologist to distinguish different surfaces buried deep in the optical system. 

Use is explained in the downloadable document, PIP Generator Use.

Advantages of the JOSI Model 10:
  • White light source provides clear, easily distinguishable alignment images.
  • Bright source allows alignment of AR coated surfaces.
  • Adapts to any alignment telescope (incl. Rank Taylor Hobson and Davidson) without interfering with normal operation. 

Download PIP Generator Use


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