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Sharing Excellence
in Customer-Application-Center
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The Customer-Application-Center is a part of the business unit Laser Processing Systems, which finds innovative solutions for your production problem with serial equipment.

Here you can try out Jenoptik's laser machines on your own products. Highly qualified application engineers and 15 different laser systems and laser machines are available to you. Each having a special capability - be it separation, joining, perforation or material removal.

Customer support is the major motivation of Jenoptik to run a Customer-Application-Center.
On the other hand, we strive to continually improve our products.

We offer:

  • Elaboration of individual technology solutions
  • Job order and prototype production, pre-production tests
  • Feasibility studies­

Sales Laser Machines
+ 49 3641 65-2534
+ 49 3641 65-2540