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TraffiCapture Automatic Numberplate Recognition System

Software-intelligence for numberplate recognition and real-time comparison

Automatic number plate reading for comparison of wanted lists
Automatic number plate reading for comparison of wanted lists
TraffiCapture for automatic number plate reading
TraffiCapture for automatic number plate reading
In addition to the detection of violations, the subsequent identification procedures play an important role within the traffic enforcement process. In order to reduce the effort required for these procedures to a minimum while continuing to ensure precise results, we are pleased to offer computer-assisted automatic numberplate recognition systems.


  • Fixed installation, tripod operation, front or rear vehicle installation
  • Vehicle operation while stopped or in motion
  • Approaching and departing traffic
  • Real-time image processing
  • Digital black and white camera or color camera
  • Infrared lighting for daytime or nighttime operation
TraffiCapture, a computer-assisted numberplate recognition system automatically identifies numberplates and allows the rapid and flexible comparison of identification data with, for example, search lists.

TraffiCapture – The numberplate recognition system for automatic numberplate recognition

TraffiCapture is a system based on automatic numberplate recognition, possesses special sensors for vehicle identification and carries out numberplate recognition with automatic search list comparisons. Thanks to its software intelligence, the numberplate recognition device automatically recognizes numberplates and directly compares the data against digital search lists, i.e. in INPOL format. These lists may include millions of entries and are updated via a network connection without the intervention of any personnel.

If the recognition system identifies a numberplate match, it stores the image with all important information (time, GPS position, numberplate, search reason) as a JPEG file and forwards the information to the desired recipient.

In order to respect data protection regulations, the numberplate recognition system places each passing vehicle in “temporary storage” and accesses it directly in real-time. If there is no match, the data is not permanently stored.