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Process metrology
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Process metrology

Precision and Tradition - HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC

MOVOLINE in-process measuring control systems have been developed to create new standards regarding the repeatability, stability and liability of grinding and very fine processing procedures.

MOVOLINE in-process measuring control systems heighten the process reliability of your machines by eliminating tolerance variations that may negatively influence the production results and reliablity of your machines due to wear of grinding disks, thermal fluctuation of workpiece and coolant.

The result will be noticeable within a short time: high production quality, reduced cycle times and improved productivity.


Digital transmission for even easier integration and fail-safe operation

In order to ensure to meet the requirements of our customers for flexible, highly precise and reliable In-process measuring control systems, we continually improve our products and use modern technologies. Therefore, we have decided to discontinue the portfolio of previously available analog gauges, offering new digital gauges with better performances.


Your benefits
  • Easy handling and operation while providing a wide range of functions
  • Flexible applications
  • Fail-safe measurement value transmission independent from cable length
  • Reduced number of connections and connecting cables
  • Compact gauge design for reduced required space within the machine
  • Increased process reliablity of your machine thanks to various mechanical advancements
  • Innovative crash protection system HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC DMprotect


You have analog HOMMEL-MOVOMATIC gauges installed?

Until 2020/12/31 we will still provide corresponding accessories and warrant spare parts services and repairs.

However, we invite you to upgrade to new, digital gauges now in order to be fit for the challenges laid on your production and process reliability.


Analog gauge
(can be ordered until 2013/09/30)
Recommended replacement:
Digital gauge



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