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Lasers & Material Processing
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Diode Lasers – Tools Made of Light

Diod­e lasers have been well-established for years as a tool in industry, medical technology and science which can hardly be imagined without them. With Jenoptik you opt for one of the few globally operating, certified, full-range suppliers of high-power diode lasers.­

» ­Using the diode laser selector you can find all of our standard products.


We are specialized in qualified laser beam sources - from semiconductor material over single diode lasers and diode laser stacks up to fiber-coupled diode laser modules available in an output spectrum from a few watts up to the kilowatt range.


We offer the entire process and technology chain in the field of diode lasers:

Thus, the entire range of efficient and reliable diode lasers is available to you in various wavelengths, capacities and designs for a great diversity of industrial and academic applications - all from one source.

Handling instructions of diode lasers

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