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in Laser Machines of Jenoptik
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Laser Machines of Jenoptik

The Basis for Your Progress: Powerful Laser Systems

Jenoptik is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser machines and laser systems for material processing. Since many years our technology is providing the basis for the manufacture of innovative products in high quality and the ability to offer them in high volumes.

The customizable standard platforms of our laser machines are optimized in close partnership with you. Their process requirements, production environment, and individual goals apply our standards for developing the most efficient laser systems for their specific production purposes.

Progress needs a basis. We build laser machines which enable new fabrication perspectives.


Laser Machines for Best Results

Besides the fact, that lasers are extremely efficient, laser machines have the crucial advantage of processing materials contact-free with an exactly defined energy input. That is why, the work piece and the tool are not exposed to additional mechanical stress, postprocessings are minimized, and deformations of the material are almost to be excluded. Therefore laser machines allow for a damage-free, most precise and flexible processing of different materials.

The powerful laser machines of Jenoptik are suited for many tasks in the field of material processing. For your special purposes we provide the following systems ...
Applications of Jenoptik´s Laser Technology
The appliance of laser technology provides many significant advantages over conventional material processing modes. Our laser machines offer efficient solutions for the following tasks ...
Industry Solutions
Laser technology allows for new possibilities regarding specialization, quality and productivity. Jenoptik is developing and constructing laser machines for the following branches ...