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Optical Systems
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Microoptics – Venturing into new dimensions

Innovative, compact optical beam paths with new optical functionality and improved light utilization are produced by combining cutting-edge micro- and nanostructuring with traditional optical technology.

Micro Lens Array for Fiber Collimators Digital Neutral Density Filter Diffractive Optical Elements for off-axis Illumination Microoptics specifically for the infrared wavelength range Pulse Compression Transmission Gratings Microlens Array for Fill Factor Enhancement Calcium Fluoride Micro Lens Array Micro Lens Array for Shack Hartmann Sensors Diffractive Line Generator

Micro- and nanostructuring is not just the basis of modern microelectronics, it also opens up a new world for optics. The combination of modern structuring technologies and advanced traditional optical technologies produces innovative solutions that shape light precisely in line with customer requirements, and enable the development of highly integrated optical systems.
We provide an extensive portfolio of microoptic products with exceptional performance. Leveraging state of the art fabrication technologies and leading applications experience, our customers enjoy a generous range of products and services covering rapid and flexible prototyping to large scale volume production of diffractive, refractive and hybrid microoptics from the deep UV through the long wave infrared.

Our product and services portfolio includes microlenses and microlens arrays, diffractive optical elements (DOEs), hybrid optical elements, pulse compression gratings, wire-grid polarizers, digital filters, computer generated holograms (CGHs), MEMS technology and foundry services based on customer specifications.


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