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Optical shaft metrology
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Optical shaft metrology

Your partner for high-precision shaft measuring systems


Our competence in optical, non-contact shaft metrology for production is coupled with quality leadership and top class technological performance which provides excellent benefi ts to the customer.
An investment which will soon pay off whether using an offline measuring station operated by workers in the shopfloor or in fully automatic systems for inline inspection.

Metrology for use in the production environment makes very high demands on the technology and product quality. Our shaft measuring systems more than satisfy these demands.
The hardware and software are optimized for use in a production environment and are able to offer gauging component capability with maximum reliability over long periods of time.

Selection of measuring and evaluation possibilities with opticline systems


Evaluation possibilities

– Diameters and lengths
– Geometry elements, workpiece profi le
– Form and position tolerances
– Rotation angle
– External thread
– Through hole contour


Downloads optical shaft measuring systems

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