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The solution


Traffic Service Provision

Traffic service providing is individually tailored to clients 'requirements and is based on a “Quality of Service” payment model, the profitability of which is solely dependent on the continued satisfaction of our client.

This means that payment does not, as in more common models, take place on a “paid per citation”, “flat fee” or “minimum payment” basis, but rather according to client evaluations. This includes using the ongoing evaluation of the quality of all images and data delivered to create a performance indicator for each camera. This indicator determines the payment according to a bonus/malus model.

Red Light Enforcement with TraffiStar SR520

Approximately 120 TraffiStar SR520-systems were installed in the Canadian province of Ontario for effective red light enforcement. The measurement basis of the TraffiStar SR520 is proven induction loop technology, which permits the simultaneous monitoring of up to four lanes of traffic. Red light violations are documented in high-resolution 11 megapixel image quality by digital Robot SmartCameras. In addition, a second picture may automatically be taken for evidence purposes. The data collected is then automatically forwarded to the processing center by the measurement device. Rapid data processing is thereby ensured.

Software-supported Violation Evaluation using TraffiDesk

In order to ensure effective and rapid further processing of violation data, even in the event of a large number if incidents, reliable evaluation software for traffic violations is available in the form of TraffiDesk II. TraffiDesk is a software package including applications for the detection of red light violations and their processing, visualization and correction.

At the request of the responsible courts, authorized Provincial Offence Officers can use TraffiDesk to provide all required evidence quickly and securely.



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