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Lasers & Material Processing
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Bars & Single Emitters for High-Power Diode Lasers

Bars & Single Emitters
Bars & Single Emitters

Being th­e industry leader in the manufacturing of semiconductor material for high-power diode lasers, we offer you excellent laser bars and single emitters in accordance with the latest state of the art in epitaxy processsing and facet coating.

Our semiconductor products are manufactured under the control of a strict quality assurance process and thus fulfill highest demands in terms of quality, reliability and long lifetime.

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General technical data

Product features

  • Optical output of 8 W up to 120 W cw and 300 W qcw
  • Standard wavelengths of 808 - 976 nm (others upon request)
  • Various filling factors and resonator lengths
  • High optical output power
  • High efficiency
  • Best beam characteristics
  • High reliability
  • ­Long lifetime




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We will help you find the right semiconductor material for you.

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Laser bars are active components in high-power diode lasers (the latter being class 4 laser products as per IEC standard). The supplied laser bars are not capable of emitting laser radiation. The laser beam can only be generated if the laser bar is connected to an electric power source. In that case, IEC Standard 60825-1 describes the safety regulations for the prevention of personal injury.