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Defense & Civil Systems
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Observation Platforms


Day-Night Observation Platform

„Observation platform light for artillery and mortar“

Observation in large distances, used by Infanterie, Special Forces, Artillery, Forward Air Controller.
since 2007 introduced to German Bundeswehr.
• Observation at day and night, and under bad visibility conditions (smoke , fog, dust),
• Image fusion,
• Determination and transmission of target coordinates,
• Measurement of distance,
• Determination of own position,
• Determination of geographical and magnetical north,
• Implementation in the command, control and weapon deployment system ADLER-II

• Highest optical quality in day channel with high end binocular even at bad visibility conditions,
• highest stability concerning measuring accuracy,
• very quick built up,
• 1 battery fort the whole system

Technology and components:
• Thermal imager,
• Binocular,
• Laser range finder (eye safe - class 1M),
• data processor with data link,
• GPS,
• Digital magnetic compass,
• Combination goniometer and northfinding gyro