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Stationary Speed Surveillance Systems
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TraffiStar S330

Flexible use

TraffiStar S330 is particularly suitable for use on motorways and in tunnels.

Advantages / Benefits:

• Anti-glare measurements in the tunnel
• For variable speed restrictions
• Highly accurate measurement results by piezo sensors
• Differentiates between cars and lorries


  • “Invisible” Black Flash for tunnel surveillance
  • Combination with variable traffic sign unit
  • High-resolution digital Robot SmartCamera
  • Remote control via network connection
Robot Black Flash technology is one of the main features of the TraffiStar S330 system. This flash technology is used in an infra-red area and is almost invisible to the naked eye. The positive consequence: The driver isn’t dazzled when committing a speed offence in a tunnel. The digital Robot SmartCamera records high-resolution images with which the licence plate and the driver can be clearly identified. TraffiStar S330 also has a connection capability for existing variable traffic sign units and automatically takes variable speed limits into account.