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Surveillance of entire road sections

TraffiSection is a solution created by Jenoptik Robot for calculating the average speed of a vehicle over a longer road section.


Advantages / Benefits:
  • Use in mobile and stationary systems
  • Automatic recognition of licence plates
  • Integration of recording, analysis and further processing
  • Automated and rapid online data processing
  • Easily adaptable to customer requirements
All technologies such as radar, laser, loop or piezo can be used as sensors. The same applies to all camera and flash systems. The road measurement normally works with two measuring sections. At the first measuring section, the vehicle is recorded with an exact time stamp and licence plate recognition. A photo is taken at the second measuring section and an analysis is made as to whether a speed infringement between both measuring points has occurred as a result of the time difference. If the speed is lower, the data will be erased immediately. If the speed is exceeded, the image data is recalled or saved.