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Stationary Speed Surveillance Systems
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TraffiSection – Fixed Point-to-point Measurement

Reliable technology for road section monitoring

TraffiSection stationary for measurement of average speed
TraffiSection stationary for measurement of average speed
Using our TraffiSection technology for fixed point-to-point measurement, we enable the monitoring of entire road sections. Our fixed road section monitoring solution helps to further increase traffic safety on particularly dangerous road sections such as in long tunnels or on accident-prone descents.

The TraffiSection point-to-point system establishes the average speed of vehicles across entire road sections, detects speed violations and provides all data necessary to carry out a reliable and comprehensive traffic offence penalisation.


  • Use of mobile and fixed point-to-point systems
  • Automatic number plate recognition
  • Integrated recording, evaluation and processing
  • Automated and rapid online data processing
  • Adaptable to client requirements
Mode of operation:
Point-to-point measurement using TraffiSection is based on the recognition of vehicle number plates at the section entry and exit points. The number plates are encrypted in the camera and thereby transmitted anonymously.
On the basis of the known distance between the entry and exit points and the time required by each vehicle to travel between them, the system calculates an average speed. This is not based on the maximum speed reached within the section, such as brief peak speeds while overtaking – but rather the average speed of the transit.
The recorded data from the entry and exit points and the driver picture (optional) are merged into a data set, prepared and transmitted to clients such as police forces and municipalities.

The modular concept of the point-to-point TraffiSection speed measurement system guarantees maximum flexibility and increased benefit for the client: The basic installation can be expanded on request, integrating client-specific modules such as driver face recognition, integration of variable message signs, classification of various vehicle categories and recognition of wrong-way drivers or of vehicles carrying dangerous goods. Radar, laser, loop or piezo technologies can be used as sensors as well as camera and flash systems.