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Defense & Civil Systems Segment

Defense & Civil Systems Segment

Security is a basic need. We provide excellent technologies for new applications for civil and state needs. With various solutions we ensure safe transportation of people and goods both on land and in the air and provide important components for safety requirements of defense technologies.

In its Defense & Civil Systems segment Jenoptik develops, produces and distributes mechatronic and sensor systems for civil and military applications. The portfolio ranges from individual assemblies, which customers then integrate into their systems, through to complete systems and end products.

The segment's areas of competence are energy systems, optical sensor systems, stabilization systems, aviation systems as well as radomes & composites. Top-quality customer service ensures that the Jenoptik products and customer systems are supported over their useful lives, which generally extend over many years.

The mechatronic products include diesel-electric gensets, electrical machines such as alternators, electric motors or converters, power electronics, heating systems and control units as well as lift systems and rescue hoists. They are used in drive, stabilization and energy systems for military and civil vehicle, rail and aircraft equipment.

The sensor systems include infrared camera systems and laser rangefinders and are primarily used in automation technology as well as in security technology and military reconnaissance.