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Innovation and quality

Long-term value creation as a solid foundation

Securing substantial growth by promoting good framework conditions for more Innovation as well as increased investments in research and development are crucial to our future performance. This is also reflected in our corporate strategy.

In implementing the 2022 strategy, Jenoptik focuses on the core topics of focusing, internationalization and Innovation. The Focus on our core competencies in the field of photonics should contribute to optimally deploy existing capacities and thus to distribute resources more efficiently.

Innovations for economic success

Innovations for economic success

As an innovative high-tech company, it is essential for Jenoptik to be able to identify customer requirements and future trends at an early stage in order to align strategic actions with them and derive the corresponding technology and product developments.

Our objective:

We will

  • increase our investments in research and development, including customer-specific projects, to a total of approximately 10% of revenue by 2022
  • expand our position as one of the globally leading suppliers of products and solutions in the area of photonics
  • extend our know-how and expertise in research and development by the expansion of application centers in all important core regions, and thus
  • achieve, ensure and expand innovation leadership in the areas relevant to us and increase our competitiveness.

Our product contribution to resource conservation

Very many of our innovative products and services contribute to a more efficient and responsible handling of resources.

Jenoptik diode lasers and laser systems for a wide range of applications, e.g. medical technology or the automotive industry

  • The most efficient light source available with an efficiency of up to 70 percent.
  • Resource-friendly alternative to traditional machining processes; especially when machining high-strength steel with low weight

Optical systems and components for information and data transmission and medical diagnostics methods

  • Ongoing development toward even smaller crystalline structures in semiconductor production opens up a growing number of new applications
  • Time-saving processes and more cost-effective production save resources

Metrology - systems and equipment to check shape and roughness, particularly in the automotive industry

  • The results are more precise surfaces and tighter tolerances in engine components (downsizing) and thus entire vehicles that require less fuel and produce fewer emissions.
  • More complex transmissions for electromobility demand the increasing use of metrology

Traffic monitoring systems check compliance with road traffic regulations Toll enforcement on federal highways

  • Contribution to increasing road safety and a reducing accidents
  • Reduction in pollutant and noise emissions
  • Installation at the side of the road limits negative impacts on the environment (no need for the installation ofmonitoring gantries)
Jenoptik Innovation Award

Jenoptik Innovation Award

The Overall winner of the Jenoptik Innovation Awards 2018 was the Jenoptik Traffic Solutions UK team for the introduction of deep learning methods. Thanks to so-called artificial intelligence or computer-based algorithms, the recognition rate for car license plates using ANPR cameras (Automated Number Plate Recognition) can be significantly increased to up to 98 percent.


Our customers

One of the most important factors for success are our customers, as our products are often developed in close cooperation with them. In addition to innovative expertise, what is required most of all are flexibility, reliability and an awareness of the needs of the target groups. Very close cooperation on the basis of trust is therefore essential for us.

Our customers particularly value:

  • Our strong JENOPTIK brand with a global presence and local know-how. We have the knowledge and the capacity to respond to requirements specific to the country and the customer.
  • The reliability and persistence of our products
  • Our portfolio with innovative products, smart services and software
  • Our process chain: We also operate our systems ourselves, e.g. in the area of traffic safety, which makes it possible to see behind the curtain and carry out optimization on an ongoing basis.

A long tradition of quality assurance and management

Quality management

Thesuccess of Jenoptikis based on the quality of its products and solutions.A prerequisite for a good quality management system is the ongoing and strict monitoring of all processes and manufactured products.

Find out more about our quality management.