Long-term value creation as a solid foundation

Long-term value creation as a solid foundation

We consequently gear our activities towards our motto "Sharing Excellence". Our aim is to secure the company’s value creation in the long-term in order to establish a solid foundation for sustainable, profitable growth. Our main emphasis is on further expansion and success on the global market and a greater focus on distribution.


With innovative solutions, we not only want to open up markets, but we also want to make an important contribution to the sustainable development and protection of resources. Our continued internationalization, operational excellence and reliable supplier management are key factors that allow us to establish a solid foundation for long-term, targeted value creation.

Quality management with a long tradition

Quality management
Our quality management process has a long tradition and is firmly established in our group. A prerequisite for this is an integrated, practical and database-supported quality management system that ensures that all processes and manufactured products are continuously and stringently monitored. According to market requirements, the divisions have often taken on additional sector-specific management systems emerging from their relations with customers and suppliers.

More detailed information about our Quality management.

Efficient processes for operational excellence

The Go Lean program directs Jenoptik's production towards greater efficiency.

We regularly scrutinize our processes to make them more efficient, to harmonize them and to reduce costs. We have been promoting our excellence program for many years: Purchasing is handled centrally and the supply chain is optimized. We also improve logistics and streamline production.

The Go Lean program was launched in 2012. It is part of the excellence program and directs our production towards greater efficiency. Operational costs are reduced, production lead times are shortened, quality is improved and synergies are utilized through process streamlining.

The aim of the JOE program (Jenoptik One ERP) is to establish a uniform ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. This company software, based on SAP, is standardized throughout the group and the world and is intended to make processes and data more transparent. Operational and commercial functions are made more efficient and processes are simplified.

Support for global megatrends

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In order to meet the demands of our customers and achieve our growth targets, we are constantly expanding our global distribution and service network. By aligning the organization with current market requirements, we not only minimize the risks arising in domestic and foreign markets but we can also take advantage of any resulting opportunities.

We are active in several sectors, making us better able to balance out the cyclical weaknesses in individual markets. Our long-term skills development in our business areas often gives us a greater degree of stability in the midst of competition.

We see particular potential in those markets that support megatrends:

  • Digitization of the world
  • The growing need for health
  • Mobility and efficiency
  • Security 
  • The global expansion of infrastructure.
Our products strengthen the performance and profitability of our customers in these markets. Jenoptik pursues a dual strategy for market penetration: Firstly, we market our products and individual components ourselves or with our distribution partners. Secondly, Jenoptik acts as a system partner: Together with our customers, developing system solutions tailored to the companies in question. With system partnerships like these, we solidify our customer relations and enable product innovation.

From global seller to global player

World map
We generate over 60 percent of our revenue abroad, mainly in the growth markets in the Asia-Pacific region and Americas. Success in these markets is necessary to continue to secure our future and jobs in Germany.

By expanding in the Asian and American regions, we are developing our global presence further in order to firmly establish technical sales and the service network in both the existing and the new markets. Our Asian holding company in Singapore has handled our entire Asian business since 2013 and promoted its development. We serve the North American market from our locations in Jupiter, Florida and Rochester Hills, Michigan.