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Social Commitment

Donation on the occasion of the New Year's reception

As an established player, we act where help is needed. We cooperate on a long-term basis with social associations and institutions, which we support financially or through the energy of our employees.

In addition, many Jenoptik employees invest part of their free time to volunteer for others. In order to support this voluntary work, Jenoptik launched a Group-wide program in 2019 as a further element of social commitment. After all, voluntary work is an important link in society and we want to recognize and additionally promote the commitment of our employees at all our locations worldwide.

In the Corporate Volunteering program Jenoptik employees can apply for financial support from the association in which they are volunteering. A jury of representatives from all divisions evaluates the applications and decides on the financial support.

Corporate Volunteering: Our employees in voluntary work

Three extraordinary projects that received financial support in 2019

Corporate Volunteering: Joseph Chavez

Joseph Chavez has been employed at Jenoptik since 2011. During this time he worked in the areas of precision diamond turning, assembly and precision cell turning, among others.In addition to his full-time job, Joseph Chavez is a so-called Guardian ad Litem (GAT, guardianship and legal assistance assigned to a minor for the duration of a trial). As a GAT, some of his responsibilities include home and school visitations, the representation of interests in court and leisure activities with the children.

Speak Up for Kids of Palm Beach County, Inc. supports the Palm Beach County program in Florida. The organization is committed to helping abused, abandoned or neglected children in Palm Beach County and ensures that the children are provided with a court-appointed lawyer. They advocate for the children's interests by recruiting and training court-appointed, volunteer child advocates. Through effective advocacy, the children's future can be rewritten. With the financial support, for example, new shoes and new beds could be provided for families in need.

Corporate Volunteering: Brit Zeitner

Brit Zeitner has been working for Jenoptik in the area of light modulators since 2006. Since 2009 she has also been chairman of the board of the association SALAMANCA leben e.V. Brit initiated and coordinated a parents' initiative for the foundation of an integrative school in Weimar, Germany.

Since its foundation in 2009, children with and without disabilities have been successfully learning together and from each other. The Lebenshilfewerk Weimar/Apolda ensures that the necessary learning conditions are in place for successful joint teaching. The school has been established for several years and is an integral part of the Weimar educational landscape. With the financial support of the Corporate Volunteering Program, the coaching for a team of teachers of a school that has been teaching a child with an intellectual disability in joint classes since this school year was financed.

Corporate Volunteering: Robert Martin

Robert Martin has been with Jenoptik since 2001 and has passed through various stages in the company. Since 2019 he has been working in the Light & Production division in the production of Opticline measuring systems and testing of mechanical and optical assemblies.

In addition to his work at Jenoptik, he is also involved on a voluntary basis in the Diabetes Center for Children and Adolescents Jena e.V. The association is dedicated to the psychosocial care of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes and has operated a counseling center in Jena for many years. The aim is to strengthen those affected in dealing with their illness, to "make them fit" for the many challenges of everyday life and to network them with each other.

The financial support was used for the event "Fit in School". This day is used as a training day for pre-school and primary school children with type 1 diabetes to teach them how to deal with their disease, to make them feel secure and routine. In a playful way, the children are taught with the primary goal of strengthening their confidence in their perception and skills and providing them with pragmatic action plans.


Donation campaign at Jenoptik New Year’s reception

Donation on the occasion of the New Year's reception

As part of the Jenoptik New Year’s reception each year, the company raises moneyfor children who needs special help. The selection of projects is based on the central concern of promoting children and adolescents - be it support for families with sick children, commitment to mentally and physically handicapped children, leisure activities for children with a weak social background or artistic and cultural education and activity of young people.

Parents' Association for Children with Cancer in Jena

Elterninitiative für krebskranke Kinder

Since 1996, Jenoptik has also assumed the patronage of „Elterninitiative für krebskranke Kinder Jena e. V.“ The organization helps the parents of children with cancer in their time of need, lending them support and hope. Jenoptik sponsors the organization directly but also with personal contributions as well. Our CFO Hans-Dieter Schumacher personally Acts as Patron for the preservation and Long-term securing of the association's work. The Support is varied: own donations, fundraising for Partners, design of children's afternoons and the Promotion of the annual benefit concert of the "Internationale JungeOrchesterakademie" in favor of the association.

Jenaer Integrationsbündnis

Jenoptik is a partner in the "Jenaer Integrationsbündnis" and actively supportsist concerns and goals.The Integration Allianceis an associationof various actors from the city of Jena who are committed to improving the living conditions of people with amigrant background in Jena. Particular attention ist paidto opening facilitiesand regular services, and enabling themto take part in civilsociety life.

Zentrum Familie und Alleinerziehende e.V.

Familie und Alleinerziehende e. V.
Jenoptik Supports the "Jenaer Zentrum für Familie und Alleinerziehende e.V." with monetary and material donations in order to continue to offer the possibility of flexible childcare in Jena, thus making it possible to reconcile work andFamily, to study or return to work.


Roads to Respect

Roads to Respect

Jenoptik supported the European road sefety project "Roads to Respect" in Weimar, which was awarded first price of the European Road Safety Council.

As part of the European road safety campaign "Roads to Respect", 25 European studentsdeveloped concepts for improving road safety in their hometown.
The student of the Weimar Bauhaus University Daniel Wanzek initiated the transformation ofa pedestrian crossing, which lies in the catchment area of two schools and is thusused by many children.Measures to increase safety also include reducing the speed limit to 30 km/h. In order to discipline the road users without having to pay a fine, the Jenoptik Light & Safety Division provided a speedscoreboard as a free loan.Jenoptik thus contributes to more safety for children on their way to school.