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JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions is a global leader in delivering traffic enforcement and road safety solutions. In Australia, we provide road authorities, councils, schools, law enforcement agencies and private organisations with state-of-the-art technologies and services to satisfy local requirements.

Our history in Australia goes back to 1999. Today, we offer the widest range of in-ground and non-invasive products including Speed, Red Light and Mobile enforcement, Point-to-Point
measurement and Back Office programs. We also fully support our solutions with complete project management, installation, technical help desk and maintenance services.

Our territory covers Australia and New Zealand.

Speed enforcement
State-of-the-art solutions for fixed and mobile traffic enforcement
Red light enforcement
We offer solutions for speed measurement in combination with red light enforcement, using induction loop technology as well as non-invasive radar technology.
Point-to-point measurement
Our point-to-point technology captures average vehicle speed over long stretches of roads.
Back office complete solution
Our back office software solution is the answer to efficient evaluation and processing of traffic surveillance data.
Radar Speed Displays
Radar speed displays - featuring robust and secure mounting hardware, simple setup and zero maintenance and calibration - are ideally suited to a variety of mixed traffic situations where vehicles and pedestrians are required to interact.
Radar Traffic Counters
Our counters are the most OH&S friendly products available and can be easily deployed by your road-safety officer without need to employ traffic management, or placing personnel at risk.
Video Detection Control
The opportunity to control intersection traffic flows is here. This superior non-invasive technology means traffic control can be supplemented where loops have failed or no longer meet the increasing traffic demands.
Solar powered variable message signs
Customers around Australia are enhancing their radar speed signs with solar power! Our 80W solar kits - consisting of solar panel, bracket and regulator - promise all the benefits of using a speed display without the hassle of charging batteries, making it perfect for more permanent installations.

JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions products are frequently integrated with the following respected brands.

Radar speed displays & counters
SCATS video detection technology