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What next after school?

Apprentice at student internship
Working independently, being a key member of a team, deriving satisfaction from good results, having the opportunity to develop.
Young talent can find all of these things at Jenoptik. Our range of opportunities for school leavers is just as varied and exciting as our products and technologies, regardless of what your first step into the world of work is.

Contact us to find out more about our range of internships and training programs.

Student internship for that first taste of professional work

School will soon be out, and you have a number of questions.
What career are you looking for? With which companies do you want to complete your training and start your career?
A student internship at Jenoptik offers you fascinating insights, and can help you in your search for the right career.
We offer student internships throughout the year in several training areas.

At a glance:


  • Good academic performance
  • Technical understanding
  • Attendees of the following schools: secondary modern school, junior high school or grammar school, 8th and 9th grade high school


  • Application period: all year
  • We offer internships throughout the year

Professional training

Would you like to train with Jenoptik?
Our range of training professions is just as varied and exciting as our products and technologies. Regardless of whether you want to work in the technical or the commercial sector, we will help you find the training profession that suits you best and that you will find enjoyable.

With practical training full of interesting and challenging tasks, Jenoptik equips you for the challenges of working life, and gives you the perfect start to your future.
Working in a team of colleagues and trainers, you will get the support you need to achieve your career goals.
At the end of your training, we offer a highly promising professional future with our company.

At a glance:

  • Good school-leaving qualifications, depending on the training direction: qualifying school leaving certificates from a secondary modern, junior high school , general entrance qualification for university or university of applied sciences
  • In particular, you should enjoy your work and working in a team. And if you enjoy learning new things, and enthusiastically embrace new ideas and sometimes even difficult problems, then you are perfectly equipped for training with us.
  • Application period: August through October in the year before the start of training
  • Start of training: end of August

Studies at the vocational academy

Study or training? Theoretical learning or practical work?

The solution: Simply combine theory and practice by completing a course at a vocational academy,
thus combining both training paths. Your studies will provide you with basic theoretical knowledge, while the practical period in the company will provide you with a reference point for your theoretical knowledge and anchor you in professional life right from the outset. This means you can assume responsibility even during your education and continue to develop important skills at an early stage.

Over six semesters in the vocational academy, you will lay down the theoretical groundwork for your future career path. Your final qualification will be a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Arts. Throughout the training period, you will also receive financial support. With good performance over the three years, you will lay the foundations for your future career at Jenoptik.

At a glance:


  • General university entrance qualification of “good” (equivalent to B) or higher
  • Foreign language skills, especially English
  • You should be dedicated and motivated to work in a team, as well as being able to work independently and take on personal responsibility. Flexibility and the ability to work under pressure, as well as organizational and communication skills are also important prerequisites.
Courses offered:
  • Electrical Engineering/Automation
  • Construction
  • Mechatronics/Automation
  • Production Technology
  • Practical Computer Science
  • Business Administration
  • Course start: Early October