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Jenoptik Group receives major order from Singapore for around 300 million DM

Jenoptik subsidiary M+W Zander to build a chip production facility for Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing. The technology group Jenoptik thereby expands its strong market position in South East Asia.

JENOPTIK AG's Clean Systems business division has once again received a major order from South East Asia. Jenoptik subsidiary M+W Zander is to build a chip production facility, named Fab 7, for Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd. The total order is valued at approximately 300 million DM. With this major order, Jenoptik subsidiary M+W Zander continues to expand its leading market position in South East Asia.

Flexible facility to be built in only 15 months.

M+W Zander as general contractor will carry out the design, planning, and construction of the entire facility. The new facility will begin production in mid 2001. According to Chartered Semiconductor, M+W Zander has received the contract for this major order since it is one of the few companies that can complete an extensive and complex project and in such a short period of time.

The new building will encompass a complete floor area of 74,000 square meters, of which 20,000 are to be clean room areas. It is planned to produce wafers of the 200mm-generation. The facility is flexibly designed to allow for a future 300mm process equipment technology upgrade.

Chartered Semiconductor has been one of M+W Zander's key customers in South East Asia since 1993. Its Singapore subsidiary, M+W Zander (S) Pte Ltd., has already completed several projects for Chartered Semiconductor such as Fab 2, Fab 3, Fab 5 and Fab 6. This means that the Jenoptik subsidiary has been involved in the construction of each production facilities of Chartered Semiconductor, except for Fab 1. (The number 4 is not used in South East Asia for reasons of superstition.)