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JENOPTIK AG attained record results in the first quarter

Net income for the first three months of 2000 is higher than for all of fiscal year 1999. New records in order intake for Clean Systems and Photonics business divisions. Asset Management company division successfully introduced Asclepion-Meditec AG to Frankfurt's Neuer Markt.

JENOPTIK AG of Jena, Germany (security code No. 622910) has begun fiscal year 2000 with new records in earnings, sales, order backlog and order intake. Last Wednesday, the technology group presented the figures for the first quarter of 2000 at its general meeting in Erfurt.

The group's net income in first quarter amounted to 36.6 million euros – more than in all of fiscal year 1999. The Jenoptik Group reached new quarter records in sales (177.8 m euros), order intake (696.6 m euros) and order backlog (1,757.2 m euros) as well.

As the result of this excellent opening position, the Jenoptik Group is expecting great sales growth in fiscal year 2000. Turnover is expected to rise 15 percent after adjustments made for purpose of comparison. The company's net income is predicted to rise at least 50 percent as compared with the previous year.

Jenoptik Group at a glance.

 Figures in TEUR
First quarter 2000
First quarter 1999
 Sales  177,923  175,568
 Order backlog (31.3.)
 1,757,193  1,493,781
 Order intake (31.3.)
 696,559  621,005
 EBIT  20,455  -22,897
 Net income / net loss
 36,567  -28,873
 5,415  8,473

Important notes concerning the group's sales and earnings growth.

For the first quarter of 1999, the figures for the business division Telcommunications (Krone AG) and the business area Clean Room Automation (Jenoptik Infab) of the business division Clean Systems were still integrated into the company figures. They will no longer be included in the report for fiscal year 2000 due to the reorganization of the group. Thus the sales figures are only comparable to an extent.

Jenoptik's sales and earnings growth is mostly dependent on contractually determined finishing dates in facility engineering. These dates usually fall toward the end of the year. Furthermore, sales are created at erratic intervals through the sale of investments by the Asset Management business division. Therefore the figures from the first quarter cannot be extended to include the rest of the year.