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Jenoptik boards to propose a higher dividend of 0.70 euros per share and the issue of stock dividends

At the annual general meeting on 22 May 2001, the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors of JENOPTIK AG of Jena, Germany (German securities number 622 910) will propose a dividend of 0.70 euros per share, up 40 percent from 0.50 euros in 1999.

The Supervisory Board of Jenoptik agreed to the dividend proposal at its meeting today (Friday, 6 April 2001).

The Jenoptik Board of Directors also proposed the issue of stock dividends to shareholders on the occasion of the German company's tenth anniversary. For every ten shares held, each shareholder will receive an additional share in Jenoptik. The Supervisory Board has given its consent to this proposal as well.

The JENOPTIK AG annual report for fiscal year 2000 will be released this coming Monday, 9 April 2001. The press briefing on the annual results will commence at 12 noon in Jena.