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Jenoptik's M+W Zander subsidiary receives another new major order

M+W Zander to engineer clean rooms in Taiwan for an order amounting to 48 million euros.

M+W Zander, a subsidiary of the Jenoptik technology group, has received another new major order. M+W Zander is to engineer a clean room facility for the Taiwanese company, Toppoly Optoelectronics Inc. Toppoly Optoelectronics is building a plant for the production of low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) TFT-LCD panels at the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park in Taiwan. These displays will be used in coming generations of portable communications devices such as laptops, mobile phones and digital video cameras. Flat screens using the new technology will replace traditional LCDs since they permit a more rapid electron flow as well as the installation of driver components within the LCD itself. The production of low-temperature TFT-LCDs must be conducted under the strictest clean-room conditions.

M+W Zander's contract amounts to 48 million euros (approx. 94 million DM). The clean room facilities will be situated on three levels, encompassing a total of 42,000 square meters of clean room area. The installation of class 10-10,000 clean rooms will begin in September 2001 and is to be completed by the end of the year. M+W Zander's Taiwan branch was able to win the order against strong competitors from Taiwan and Japan.

Toppoly Optoelectronics Inc, formerly Tonpal Optoelectronics Inc, plans to process 30,000 620x750 millimeter substrates a month in the new plant, becoming the world's fourth largest plant for the manufacture of LTPS LCDs. Production will begin in the 1st quarter of 2002.