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Jenoptik's M+W Zander subsidiary receives major order from IBM

M+W Zander Facility Management GmbH to manage IBM sites in six European countries. Five-year contract amounts to around 230 million euros.

M+W Zander Facility Management GmbH has received a major order from the American computer group, IBM. M+W Zander, a subsidiary of the Jenoptik technology group, will take on the facility management for all IBM sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia and the Czech Republic. The contract, amounting to appr. 230 million euros, is to run five years. M+W Zander Facility Management GmbH is a specialist in the operations and management of complex production facilities and industrial areas.

The Jenoptik subsidiary prevailed over strong international competition. The contract is for one of the largest European facility management projects. M+W Zander won the contract as a result of its expertise in complex production facility management as well as its strong presence in Europe. M+W Zander Facility Management, already an IBM partner in the field, has managed IBM sites in Central Europe since 1996.

The complete facility management of around one million square meters

M+W Zander will take on the complete facility management for sites of strategic importance to IBM, including major computer facilities, research and development laboratories and administrative buildings. Complete facility management includes the provision of all services at the sites: facility technology, area management, infrastructure services, building value maintenance and security. The contract provides for the management of around one million square meters in surface area.