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Results of the first half year 2001

Jenoptik first-half sales and income surpassing last year's figures. Order levels remain stable despite slow economic trends. Jenoptik Group reaffirms its prognoses for the entire fiscal year.

The Jenoptik Group completed the first half of 2001 with success. Group sales amounted to 833.3 million euros in the first half, a rise of 79.7% over last year's first half. This is mostly the result of the accounting of one major Clean Systems project. Sales would, however, have surpassed last year's figures even without that order.

Group operating profit rose 82.4% to 59.0 million euros. This includes one extraordinary item of other operating income from the sale of shares in MicroLas GmbH. But even without this, the group EBIT would have clearly surpassed last year's figures.

The Jenoptik Group net income increased to 49.8 million euros in the first half of 2001. This exceeded the excellent figures from the same period last year by 6.0%. Last year, group net income also included proceeds from the sale of company stock amounting to 32.1 million euros.

As of 30 June 2001, the group had an order backlog of 2,071.4 million euros, continuing to remain above the 2-billion-euro line. The drop in order backlog was primarily the result of the final accounting of a major Clean Systems order. The order intake of 1,093.3 million euros was a fall of 18.4% from the outstanding figures last year, the highest order intake for any half-year in company history. The order intake for the first half of 2001 does not include a major facility management order from IBM for 230 million euros that was received in July and will be included in the figures for the current 3rd quarter. Taking this order into consideration, the order situation has remained stable despite the continually sluggish economy.

The Jenoptik Group has reaffirmed its prognoses for 2001. Sales are expected to rise at least 25%. The net income is expected to rise more than 30% above the adjusted figures from last year of 54.4 million euros, provided that all projects are accounted for by the end of the year in accordance with our current deadlines and calculations. The Jenoptik Group can expect order intake at last year's levels – despite the continued slowdown in the semiconductor industry.