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Results of the first nine months 2001

Jenoptik Group increases sales and operating profit in the 3rd quarter of 2001.

The Jenoptik Group saw increases in sales and profits in the first nine months of the fiscal year. Group sales of 1,065 million euros represented an increase of 32.5 percent over last year's figures. The Jenoptik Group was also able to increase its operating profit slightly to 49.4 million euros. The Group net income came to 38.1 million euros, came in below last year's figure of 57.6m euros. However, in 2000 this included income from the sale of company stock to the amount of 32.1 million euros.

The order situation for the Jenoptik Group remained stable over the first three quarters of the fiscal year. The Group's order intake of 1.55 billion euros approximately maintains last year's level of 1.60 billion euros. JENOPTIK AG has profited from its presence in a number of different sectors and regions in boosting its order intake. The Group's order backlog is now higher than it had been over the first nine months of 2000, well clearing the 2 billion-euro threshold to 2.3 billion euros. This represents an increase in order backlog of 8.4 percent. Even disregarding order intake from the fourth quarter, the Jenoptik Group will enter fiscal year 2002 with more than half of its order backlog as of September 30, 2001.

The Jenoptik Group plans a sales increase of at least 25 percent for the overall fiscal year 2001. Net income should surpass last year's adjusted figures of 54.4 million euros by 30 percent (figures excluded income from the sale of company stock), provided that all projects are accounted for within expected deadlines and calculations and that the capital market situation does not deteriorate much further by the end of the year. "We will therefore be able to maintain our prognoses for fiscal year 2001. The Group figures of October confirm that we will achieve our aims," said Lothar Späth, Jenoptik's CEO.