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Jenoptik Group completes fiscal year 2001 with new records

Jenoptik Group completes fiscal year 2001 with new records in sales, net income and operating profits.

The Jenoptik technology group has completed fiscal year 2001 with new records in sales, operating profits and net income. Jenoptik has reached its goals for the year 2001 despite the steadily deteriorating overall economic situation and the sustained crisis in the semiconductor industry.

According to preliminary calculations, group sales were over 25 percent higher in fiscal year 2001 than in the previous year (1,572.3 million euros), surpassing the 2 billion-euro threshold for the first time. According to preliminary calculations, the net income has risen approximately 30 percent from the previous year's adjusted total of 54.5 million euros. To this sum will be added one item of other operating income, arising from the sale of Microlas shares to Lambda-Physik AG of Göttingen, Germany. In absolute figures, the net income will thus surpass 86.6 million euros in fiscal year 2000.

The EBIT also rose in fiscal year 2001, reaching a level over 25 percent higher than last year's total of 82.5 million euros. The profitability of the industrial core business increased substantially. The Clean Systems and Photonics business divisions, along with the Jenoptik Holding, increased their combined contributions to profits to 70 percent, the Asset Management business division's share dropped to approximately 30 percent.

Order intake remained stable in 2001 despite the persistently slow economic period and the global semiconductor crisis. At approximately 1,880 million euros, it reached the high level attained in fiscal year 2000 (1,929 million euros), which means that the Jenoptik-Group is well-positioned for 2002.