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Jenoptik Group reaches new record highs in sales, net income and operating income in 2001

The Jenoptik technology group closed fiscal year 2001 with the best income figures in its history.

Sales surpassed 2 billion euros for the first time in group history, rising 27.3 percent to 2,001m euros of which approximately 50 percent were foreign sales. The Jenoptik Group derived the largest portion of its foreign sales from Asia. Jenoptik achieved increases in net income and EBIT. Net income rose to 88.3m euros, including a non-recurring contribution to income from the sale of MicroLas GmbH to Lambda Physik AG. Net income in 2000 included a contribution to operating income from the sale of own shares.

Group operating income rose above 100 million euros for the first time in 2001, rising 32.2 percent from 82.5m euros in 2000 to 109.1m euros in 2001. The two industrial business divisions both saw considerable increases in EBIT, nearly entirely compensating for the Asset Management business division's fall in EBIT.

Despite the weak state of the overall economy, the order situation remained stable in 2001. With 1,890.5m euros in order intake, the group nearly repeated the record it set in the previous year (2000: 1,929.0m euros). The Jenoptik Group was even able to improve on its order backlog figures, beginning the new fiscal year with 1,746.0m euros in its order books (2000: 1,719.8m euros).

Jenoptik's DVFA/SG earnings after taxes increased in 2001 to 37.6m euros, a clear rise over the previous year's figure (2000: 29.6m euros). DVFA/SG earnings per share rose approx. 26 percent to 0.88 euros (2000: 0.70, taking the Jenoptik stock split into account). Group financial situation and net asset position remain exemplary. On balance, the Jenoptik Group remains free of debt. Liquid funds continue to surpass both short-term and long-term interest-bearing liabilities. The Jenoptik Group shareholders' equity rose 5.3 percent in fiscal year 2001 to 487.8m euros in absolute figures.