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Results of the first half year 2002

Order intake for the Jenoptik Group maintained at the same high level as in the previous year. Group sales lower due to accounting reasons.

Jenoptik Group sales in the 2002 first half-year fell by comparison with the same period in the previous year for accounting reasons. Group sales came to 564.0 million euros (previous year 833.3m euros). Sales in the first half of 2001 were characterized by the fact that the billing for a major project in the Clean Systems business divisions had already been carried out in June.

Despite the continuing slow economic development, order intake for the Jenoptik Group was slightly up on the high level recorded in the same period in the previous year. Order intake rose by 1.2% to 1,106.7 million euros (previous year 1,093.3m euros). Order backlog, up by 8.4%, was sharply higher than in the previous year. The total value of order backlog is 2,246.0 million euros (previous year 2,071.4m euros).

The group operating income was 19.5 million euros (previous year 59.0m euros). The group result for the period, at 13.1 million euros, was lower than the same period in the previous year (previous year 49.8m euros). In the first half of 2001 the period result and group operating income were characterized mainly by extraordinary items such as for example the sale of MicroLas GmbH to Lambda Physik AG as well as the income from DEWB AG arising from the disposal of all CyBio shares. The group operating income and period result for the first half of 2002 include a contribution from the sale of the majority stake in DEWB AG and consequently from the investment portfolio of DEWB.

After the 2002 first half-year the Jenoptik Group is keeping to its targets. Following the successful 2000 and 2001 fiscal years in which the Group posted sharp leaps in sales of more than 25% respectively, Jenoptik expects the 2002 business year to show consolidation at the high level recorded in the previous year.