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9-Months Report 2002

Delays in facility engineering projects weigh down Jenoptik Group's year-end sales and income figures. New record set in order backlog and stable order intake.

Sales and income will not be as high as expected for the JENOPTIK AG technology group at the end of fiscal year 2002. Jenoptik already announced at mid-year that the completion of a chip factory in Frankfurt (Oder) could be delayed until 2003. In addition, the completion of projects for other customers has also been unexpectedly postponed to 2003, delaying approx. 300m euros in sales until next year. Jenoptik therefore now anticipates approx. 1.6bn euros in group sales for 2002.

The Jenoptik Group had previously expected a slight decrease in its net income figures from last year to between 60 and 65m euros. In addition to the effects of the delays in sales, group income will be slowed by approx. 10m euros in expenses for the restructuring of M+W Zander's U.S. subsidiary, and by the capital market slump.

The Jenoptik Group had to depreciate its own shares by 6m euros. Jenoptik thus now estimates its net income at between 40 and 50m euros for 2002. As a result of its high order backlog of approx. 2.5bn euros and a stable level of order intake in 2002, Jenoptik once again expects a considerable rise in sales in 2003.

The Jenoptik Group achieved 847.7m euros in sales over the first nine months of 2002, a 20% drop from the same period last year (2001: 1,065.0m euros). Group EBIT amounted to 18.0m euros (2001: 49.4m euros) and the net income for the first three quarters totaled 1.2m euros (2001: 38.1m euros).

The Jenoptik net income figure includes revenue from the sale of the group's majority share in DEWB, which led to the deconsolidation of the Asset Management business division (as of June 30, 2002). Jenoptik Group order backlog rose 7% over the past 12 months to 2,505m euros (2001: 2,332m euros). Order intake remained virtually stable at 1,487.5m euros (2001: 1,547.9m euros).