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Jenoptik subsidiary to engineer WACKER SILTRONIC's Fab 300-2 in Freiberg, Germany

Preliminary order volume approx. 125m euros with further options in tens of millions.

Jenoptik's M+W Zander subsidiary is to engineer a 300-millimeter wafer plant in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany for WACKER SILTRONIC in an order totaling approx. 125m euros. The contract also includes an option for the second expansion phase of the wafer plant and for the assembly and hook-up of the production equipment. Yet another option entails the engineering of a crystal puller facility for Wacker in Freiberg. These options total in the tens of millions of euros for M+W Zander.

Construction is to begin on January 20, 2003 for one of the world's most modern wafer production facilities. The first part of the plant is to be completed on November 17, 2003, and wafers are to be delivered from the plant beginning in July 2004. The subsidiary of Jenoptik's Clean Systems business division will be responsible for all work leading to the completion of the plant, and will also provide the design and planning for the new WACKER SILTRONIC production facility in Freiberg.

The 300-millimeter wafers to be produced at the WACKER SILTRONIC Fab 300-2 in Freiberg beginning in June 2004 will represent a significant leap in technology for the semiconductor industry. Large silicon wafers of this size and efficiency, which allow for the production of more chips per wafer, must maintain a much higher grade of purity than the previous (200-millimeter) generation and must be of excellent crystalline quality.

Accordingly, high demands are placed on the production facility and the technical equipment of the wafer fab. The production of the new 300-millimeter wafers requires an ultra-pure environment. In addition, size and weight of the large wafers make a significant higher degree of process automation necessary.