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Jenoptik Group fulfills its November projections for fiscal year 2002

About 1.6 billion euros in sales and 40.3 million euros in net income in fiscal year 2002. New records set in order intake and order backlog. The Jenoptik Group expects considerable sales growth in 2003.

The Jenoptik technology group completed fiscal year 2002 with 1,584m euros in sales, a decrease of 20.8% from the record set in 2001 (2,001m euros). Net income for the year came to 40.3m euros (2001: 88.3m euros). Sales and net income thus came within the range announced by the Jenoptik Group in early January 2003. Operating income fell as well, reaching 64.8m euros (2001: 109.1m euros). DVFA/SG earnings after taxes came to 12.4m euros (2001: 37.6m euros).

By contrast, order intake and backlog rose considerably, with order intake increasing 13.1% to 2,137m euros (2001: 1,890m euros). Order backlog also increased by 37.1% to 2,394m euros (2001: 1,746m euros).

There are three reasons for the fall in sales and income. First, a number of customers delayed the completion and accounting of their individual projects to 2003. This will, however, correspond to approximately 300m euros that will affect sales and income in 2003. The Jenoptik Group 2002 income figures were, secondly, affected by a net loss of 13.6m euros made by the Clean Systems business division's U.S. subsidiary, M+W Zander U.S. Inc., the result of the restructuring process. And lastly, the general economic slump has had an effect on Jenoptik's income figures. This also came to bear on DEWB, Deutsche Effecten- und Wechsel-Beteiligungsgesellschaft AG, which Jenoptik deconsolidated from the group in June 2002. Due to investment write-downs, DEWB saw a loss of 22.2m euros in 2002, 14.4m euros of which affects the income of the Jenoptik Group.

The Jenoptik Group shareholders' equity and equity ratio fell in fiscal year 2002 due to acquisitions made throughout the year and the goodwill which was set off against the shareholders' equity. The equity ratio came to 34.3% (2001: 41.3%), while the shareholders' equity fell to 430.6m euros (2001: 487.8m euros).