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Jenoptik to strengthen capital base through capital increase and issuance of long-term debt

Jenoptik plans to strengthen its equity capital through issuance of 8.14 million new shares. Jenoptik also intends to take advantage of favorable market conditions to refinance short-term indebtedness by issuing long-term debt.

The board of directors of Jenoptik AG, with the approval of the supervisory board, has decided to strengthen the company's capital base by increasing its share capital through issuance of 8.14 million new shares. The capital increase will be carried out with pre-emptive rights with existing shareholders being offered one new share for every five Jenoptik shares held. The new shares will be entitled to full dividends for the current fiscal year 2003. The capital increase is expected to occur in October. Separately, Jenoptik intends to take advantage of currently favorable market conditions to issue long-term debt in the near future in an amount expected to exceed 100 million euros.

Jenoptik intends to use the proceeds from the contemplated transactions to strengthen its capital base, reduce short-term indebtedness and finance further growth, in particular in the Photonics business division. Specific terms of the capital increase and debt issuance will be determined and published shortly prior to launch of the respective transaction based on prevailing market conditions. Jenoptik AG has received a company rating from Standard & Poors of BB- (Outlook: Negative) and from Fitch of BB (Outlook: Stable).

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