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Jenoptik's M+W Zander subsidiary to engineer AMD's new semiconductor fab in Dresden

M+W Zander's order volume approximately 380m euros.

M+W Zander, a subsidiary of the Jenoptik technology group (ISIN DE0006229107), has received the contract to engineer a new semiconductor fab in Dresden for AMD, the U.S. chip manufacturer. The order volume will total approx. 380m euros for M+W Zander which will serve as general contractor, including the engineering of all buildings and facilities including technical facility equipment, process supply and 14,500 square meters in cleanroom area.

AMD has been a key customer for M+W Zander over a period of several years. The two companies' work together began in 1996 with the order to engineer and construct 'Fab 30', AMD's first chip plant in Dresden.

The groundbreaking ceremony served to launch the construction phase of the 2.4-billion-euro project, which will be ready for equipment by the end of 2004. This will be followed by the equipment hook-up phase and the ramp-up phase, which will begin in 2006, when production is to go online. Jenoptik, furthermore, has a minority interest in the AMD fab together with other system suppliers.

M+W Zander has participated strongly in all of the German state of Saxony's major semiconductor projects since the early 1990s. The Jenoptik subsidiary constructed the first chip fab (Simec) in Dresden, the state's capital, and Infineon's 300-mm fab SC 300, also located in Dresden. Further important M+W Zander projects in the region have included AMD, Infineon and DuPont's photomask center in Dresden, Wacker's wafer fab in Freiberg, and Solarworld's solar cell factory, also situated in Freiberg.

This latest major project will serve to further solidify M+W Zander's position as a world leader in the engineering of chip fabs and cleanrooms for the current 300-mm generation of chip wafers.