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Report on the first half of 2004

Jenoptik Group operating income up in the first half of 2004. Projections for the full fiscal year 2004 strengthened. Group EBIT projected at between 45 and 60m euros in 2004. Order intake and order backlog higher then ever for a half year.

The Jenoptik Group recorded increases in sales of 13.2% to 752.9m euros (1st half 2003: 665.3m euros). The Group EBIT came to minus 8.4m euros, a rise, however, of 4.8m euros from the previous first half (1st half 2003: -13.2m euros). This figure, moreover, included planned restructuring costs for the Clean Systems business division, of which 9.0m euros were social plan costs. Without these costs, the Jenoptik operative result for the first half would have returned to positive figures. In addition to restructuring costs, the Group result for the period was weighed down by 12.3m euros in interest expense (1st half 2003: 7.3m euros) due to the bond issued in autumn 2003, and a 2.4m-euro increase in tax burden from the previous year. The Group result for the period, at minus 19.3m euros, therefore reflected only a slight improvement from the first half of 2003 (-20.1m euros).

The Jenoptik Group reported a positive cash flow from operating activities for the first half of 2004 of 5.9m euros (1st half 2003: minus 22.8m euros). The Jenoptik Group net debt fell in the first half of 2004 by 28.4m euros from 126.3m euros on December 31, 2003 to 97.9m euros as of June 30, 2004.

The Jenoptik Group order intake rose 17.6% to 1.40bn euros (1st half 2003: 1.19bn euros). Order backlog rose 9.6% to 3.19bn euros, well over the 3-billion euro threshold. The Group's order backlog now includes a much higher portion of electronics orders than a year ago.

In the process of restructuring the Clean Systems business division the Technical Facility unit (HVAC) was transformed into an independent company as of July 1, 2004.

Based on first half results, the Jenoptik Group strengthened its sales and income projections for the full fiscal year 2004. As was announced with the publication of the 2003 annual figures in April, Jenoptik Group sales will clearly surpass 2bn euros for the year with operating income reaching between 45 and 60m euros. This presupposes, however, that all projects, particularly in the Clean Systems business division, are fully paid and accounted for within deadlines.
 (figures in million euros) Group
Jan-June 2004
Jan.-June 2003
 Sales  752.9  665.3
 Operating income (EBIT)
 -8.4  -13.2
 Net income for period
 -19.3  -20.1
 Order intake
 1,402.6  1,190.2
 Order backlog
 3,191.0  2,908.9