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Results of the first nine months of 2004

Jenoptik Group posted an EBIT of 11.8 million euros in the 3rd quarter 2004. Strong growth in sales and results by both business divisions Photonics and Clean Systems. Forecasts for the full year 2004 reaffirmed.

The Jenoptik Group can look back over a successful 3rd quarter. Sales and results increased sharply in comparison with the previous year, with orders reaching new record levels. The Jenoptik Group posted sales of 1,172.8 million euros, an increase of 25.7% (prev. year 933.0m euros). Both Clean Systems and Photonics increased their sales by more than 20%. With an EBIT of 11.8 million euros for the quarter (prev. year minus 13.4m euros) and 3.3 million euros for the first nine months of the fiscal year (prev. year minus 26.6m euros) there was a marked improvement in the earnings situation of the Jena-based technology group. The EBIT for the period January to September 2004 includes social plan costs in the Clean Systems business division in the sum of 9.0 million euros which primarily relate to the Technical Building Systems area.

The Group net income for the period on a quarterly basis, at 1.3 million euros, was also positive (prev. year minus 18.7m euros). The Group result for the first nine months of the fiscal year was negative as expected and came in at minus 18.0 million euros (prev. year minus 38.8m euros). The marked increase in the result for the period is a reflection of the improvement in the operating result. Income from the Infineon chip factory project in Dresden also had a positive impact. This project provided for the sale of the M+W Zander shares in SC300 GmbH & Co. KG which was realized in the 1st quarter 2004. In addition to the social plan costs the rise in interest expenses arising from the bond issued in the autumn 2003 also impacted negatively on the result.

The order intake in the first nine business months of 2004 reached 1,987.0 million euros, consequently exceeding the figure for the same period in the previous year by 34.5% (prev. year 1,477.1m euros). The Group's order backlog as at September 30 this year was 3,312.5 million euros, representing an increase of 13.5% (prev. year 2,919.5m euros).

The net debt of the Jenoptik Group increased as at September 30 this year to 202.7 million euros (Dec. 31,2003: 126.3m euros). The main reason for this increase is the minority investment of M+W Zander together with other system suppliers in the AMD "Fab 36" chip factory in Dresden as part of the major order which the Jenoptik subsidiary won in autumn 2003.

As a result of the successful first nine months of the fiscal year and the very good order situation the Jenoptik Group is keeping to the targets for the full year 2004 formulated in April this year. Group sales are expected to clearly exceed the 2 billion euro mark. The Group operating result is expected to be between 45 and 60 million euros. This assumes that all projects – particularly in the Clean Systems business division – will be completed and accounted for within deadlines. Both business divisions will make a contribution towards the increase in sales and results for 2004.

 (figures in thousand euros) Group
Jan.-Sept. 2004
Jan.-Sept. 2003
 1,172,755  933,000
 Operating income (EBIT)
 3,337  -26,602
 Net income for the period
 -17,996  -38,822
 Order intake
 7,987,039  1,477,141
 Order backlog
 3,312,537  2,919,524