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Annual Report 2017

We ended the 2017 fiscal year with new record figures and have grown steadily with revenue increasing by 9.2 percent to 747.9 million euros. At the beginning of the new fiscal year we started our new Strategy 2022. In the future, we will concentrate more strongly on what we do best and continue to develop Jenoptik to a focused photonics company.

Our highly encouraging performance and solid financial resources let us look into the future with a lot of optimism – a future with a clear focus on our core competencies and strength in photonic technologies.

Dr. Stefan Traeger, President & CEO, March 2018

Letter to the Shareholders

Dr. Stefan Traeger, President & CEO

More Light

This is the headline for all our initiatives for a successful, fast-growing and profitable Jenoptik. Based on the three pillars “More Focus”, “More Innovation” and “More International” we will move Jenoptik to the next level. We compiled some prime examples showing the events and projects which contribute to this strategic further development.

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Hans-Dieter Schumacher, CFO

Now that we’ve eliminated debt and established the Jenoptik brand, we’re in an ideal position for our strategic reorientation. Topics such as international diversity and innovation become even more important as we enter a new period of accelerated growth.

Hans-Dieter Schumacher, CFO, March 2018

Forecast Report