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2019 Jena Science Night

On Friday, November 22, 2019, the Jenoptik Group again took part in the Science Night in Jena with many products and exhibits.

Foyer with people

Over 3,000 visitors, including many families with children, were on a discovery tour in the Jenoptik headquarters in the Ernst Abbe highrise and on the Ernst Abbe Campus in the city center of Jena to experience the innovative power of science with the help of Jenoptik products.

Particular interest was aroused by the stations with the thermographic camera, which took unusual photos of the visitors, VR glasses for an insight into Jenoptik production facilities, a car with ANPR/camera technology that is usually used by the police, and last but not least the laser beams over Jena and individual laser messages at the Ernst Abbe highrise.

Many thanks to all Jenoptik employees who made this event such a success!