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Executive Board and Supervisory Board of JENOPTIK AG propose to the Annual General Meeting 2020 to pay a dividend of 0.13 euros per share

Annual General Meeting: conference room in Weimar, Germany

The Executive Board of JENOPTIK AG decided, in agreement with the Supervisory Board, to propose to the virtual Annual General Meeting on August 7, 2020 to pay a dividend of 0.13 euros for fiscal year 2019. With this amount, Jenoptik will pay a dividend that is in line with the current average market expectation, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting. Of the accumulated profit of 85,620,600.56 euros in fiscal year 2019, a sum of 48,179,645.61 euros will be allocated to revenue reserves, and 30,000,000.00 euros will be carried forward.

The highest priority of the Executive Board is to keep the operational business processes running, and to continue to enable strategic investments in the future development of Jenoptik towards a focused technology group in optics and photonics. This also includes the use of acquisition opportunities. In addition, a solid equity base is necessary to secure a sustainable development of the company. In March 2020, Jenoptik had put its former dividend proposal under review in view of the corona crisis and the associated economic effects on the Group's business development.

This announcement can contain forward-looking statements that are based on current expectations and certain assumptions of the management of the Jenoptik Group. A variety of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors can cause the actual results, the financial situation, the development or the performance of the company to be materially different from the announced forward-looking statements. Such factors can be, among others, changes in currency exchange rates and interest rates, the introduction of competing products or the change of the business strategy. The company does not assume any obligation to update such forward-looking statements in the light of future developments.

About Jenoptik

Jenoptik is a globally operating technology group, which is active in the three photonics-based divisions Light & Optics, Light & Production and Light & Safety as well as with VINCORION for mechatronics solutions. Optical technologies are the very basis of our business with the majority of our products and services being provided to the photonics market. Our key target markets primarily include the semiconductor equipment industry, the medical technology, automotive and mechanical engineering, traffic, aviation as well as the security and defense technology industries. Jenoptik is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, has more than 4,100 employees and generated revenue of approx. 855 million euros in 2019.


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