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Virtual Workshop Series

Four episodes ∙ Great cast ∙ Learning guaranteed

Virtual Workshop Series ∙ follow the light

Four episodes ∙ Great cast ∙ Learning guaranteed

While classic optics have reached their limits, freeform optics make the physically feasible possible. Freeform optics open up completely new possibilities for manufacturers of life science products, automation solutions, and sensor technology. fo+ is an alliance of scientists, developers, and manufacturers offering users from high-tech areas the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities that freeform optics offer, as well as their fields of application and optical properties.

This series is aimed at developers and product managers working in life sciences, the automotive sector, laser material processing, sensor technology, and consumer electronics, who are looking for new standards, ambitious solutions, and excellent performance.


Episode #1: January 20, 2021 ∙ 4 pm ∙ Jenoptik
Skipping limits – freeform optics for automomous industrial applications
Speaker: Stefan Diez

VIS and infrared cameras along with LiDAR sensors will take over the tasks that currently rely on human vision in future autonomous vehicles in Industry 4.0 applications. Illustration quality is decisive for precision, high-throughput, and safety. With growing demands for data quality and constructional parameters such as weight and size, the requirements for optical systems are also increasing. Classical spherical optics quickly reach the limits of what is physically feasible. The still growing field of freeform optics on the other hand offers new solutions and promising possibilities for overcoming the limitations of classical optics.

Learn how:

  • Reproducible results through to outstanding manufacturing capabilities can be achieved
  • Freeform optics enable complex systems despite reduced components
  • Join the webinar and learn more about the potential of freeform optics

More episodes to come +++ Stay tuned and follow this link.

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