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Jenoptik again posts best fiscal year in the company’s more recent history

According to provisional calculations the 2012 Group operating result rose by approx. 10 percent to more than 54 million euros. With an increase of more than 20 percent earnings before tax rose to more than 45 million euros. Sales increased to approx. 585 million euros. In 2013 we expect sales to show a small rise, a stable operative result and investments in growth.

In 2012 the Jenoptik Group successfully continued on its path of growth. "We've clearly achieved our objectives despite the general economic uncertainties. Our strategy of continued internationalization and improved cost structures showed positive effects and led to an increase in profitability", said Jenoptik Chairman Michael Mertin, summing up the past fiscal year in Jena on Tuesday.

According to provisional calculations, sales for the full year 2012 will come in at around 585 million euros. This equates to an increase of almost 8 percent compared with the previous year’s figure of 543.3 million euros. The Jenoptik Group reported strong growth especially in America and Asia. According to provisional calculations the Group operating result rose to more than 54 million euros. With an increase of approx. 10 percent the EBIT consequently showed a stronger rate of growth than sales. The EBIT margin which rose to more than 9 percent is again in the target range. The main contribution to the growth in sales and earnings came from the Metrology segment.

The improvement in the Group EBIT was also reflected in the earnings before tax (EBT) which rose by more than 20 percent to over 45 million euros based on provisional calculations (prev. year 34.9 million euros). „This is a higher growth rate compared with the EBIT. Thanks to the improvement in the net interest result and low tax quota we also expect the net income for the year to report a stronger rise than the operating result“, said Chief Financial Officer Rüdiger Andreas Günther, commenting on the results for the 2012 fiscal year.

Order intake at the same level as sales. Jenoptik won several major orders.

In the 2012 fiscal year the Jenoptik Group received new orders totaling around 585 million euros. According to provisional calculations the order intake was at the same level as sales but did not repeat the previous year’s high figure of 647.9 million euros. The Group also won several major orders in 2012, including the order for traffic safety technology from Malaysia and Oman, as well as for medical lasers from the USA and for metrology. The order intake in the previous year was characterized by two large partial orders for the PUMA armored fighting vehicle, together worth more than 70 million euros.

As at the end of 2012 the order backlog of the Jenoptik Group came to more than 445 million euros and thus remained at the high level of the past year (31.12.2011: 448.5 million euros).

Information on the segments.

Despite increasingly difficult market conditions, the Lasers & Optical Systems segment essentially continued to show a positive performance. The development of business in the optical systems area, particularly in the 4th quarter, was influenced by the dip in the semiconductor industry. The segment posted sales of approx. 210 million euros (prev. year 217.1 million euros). “Also in 2012 we were increasingly successful in winning over major customers from the flat-panel, automotive and life sciences industry. This helped us to better offset the falls in business from the semiconductor industry”, said Michael Mertin. Increases in the segment’s sales came from the Optoelectronics Systems and Optics business units. The EBIT is expected to come to approx. 27 million euros (prev. year 29.2 million euros).

The Metrology segment benefited from a continuing good level of demand from the automotive industry as a result of the global trend towards fuel-saving and low-emission engines, as well as deliveries for major orders in the area of traffic safety solutions. With sales of more than 180 million euros (prev. year 140.1 million euros), the segment achieved a new sales record according to provisional calculations. This is also reflected in the EBIT which doubled to approx. 25 million euros according to provisional calculations (prev. year 12.0 million euros).

The business in the Defense & Civil Systems segment is stable and oriented towards the long-term. Sales are expected to total more than 180 million euros (prev. year 183.3 million euros). The main contributions to the growth in sales came from the Energy Systems business unit. The EBIT fell to almost 8 million euros as a result, among other things, of initial costs for the site optimization (prev. year 11.6 million euros).

Further improvement in the financial indicators. Net debt again reduced.

The key financial indicators showed a further improvement in the fiscal year just passed. Net debt was reduced slightly to approx. 75 million euros (prev. year 77.1 million euros). “So despite the expansion of business, payment of a dividend and payments to silent real estate investors, we achieved our objective of a further reduction in net debt. The total debt of the Group, however, reduced even more”, commented Rüdiger Andreas Günther.

Taget 2013: Optimizing internal structures and preparing for continued steep growth in 2014/15.

The Jenoptik Group reported strong growth over the past three years and this course of profitable growth is also expected to continue in the future. In 2013 the Group intends to invest in the further expansion of its sales structures and innovative products as well as to further improve internal processes. To this end it will consistently continue with a range of projects such as the initiatives for process harmonization and excellence – both in its operating business as well as in its systems and business processes. “We, so to speak, undergo a demanding training program which will help us to continue to achieve top performance in the global competition”, summarizes Rüdiger Andreas Günther. In addition, Jenoptik is concentrating its optics manufacturing in North America at one location. In future the manufacture of energy systems will be concentrated at two German sites. These steps are intended to help further strengthen the earnings power and even better exploit synergy potential. With its products the Group will also benefit from future-oriented mega-trends in the areas of energy efficiency, security, health, mobility as well as the increasing digitalization all over the world.

In a more difficult economic climate Jenoptik currently anticipates a small rise in sales of up to 5 percent in the 2013 fiscal year. In regional terms this growth is mainly expected to come from America and Asia / Pacific. Depending upon the course of the semiconductor cycle, particularly in the 2nd half of 2013, the EBIT generated in the operating business should come in at between 50 and 55 million euros. The costs for the above-mentioned projects and site optimizations in the middle single-digit million euro range will also impact on the EBIT.

“We will consistently pursue our long-term strategic agenda. With the improved internal processes we are creating the springboard for ourselves to achieve the growth from 2014. The substantial investments will help us to achieve higher excellence in 2013 and maintain our earnings quality”, said Jenoptik Chairman Michael Mertin. The Jenoptik Group also expects to achieve profitable growth over the coming years and an average EBIT margin of around 9 to 10 percent, as well as sales growth of approx. 10 percent over the course of the market cycles. Once again the sales target is expected to primarily be achieved through organic growth. In the context of its mid-term planning up to 2017 Jenoptik will be striving to increase sales to approx. 800 million euros and grow the share of sales in America and Asia / Pacific jointly to more than 40 percent of Group sales.

This announcement can contain forward-looking statements that are based on current expectations and certain assumptions of the management of the Jenoptik Group. A variety of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors can cause the actual results, the financial situation, the development or the performance of the company to be materially different from the announced forward-looking statements. Such factors can be, among others, changes in currency exchange rates and interest rates, the introduction of competing products or the change of the business strategy. The company does not assume any obligation to update such forward-looking statements in the light of future developments.