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Jenoptik presents a wide range of products at SPIE BiOS 2015

At the world's leading trade fair for the biomedical optics and photonics industry – the SPIE BiOS Expo – on February 7 and 8, 2015 in San Francisco, the Lasers & Material Processing division of Jenoptik will show its product highlights for medical applications.

Jenoptik presents its products for medical applications at SPIE BiOS
Almost every day, there are new developments in the photonics industry. The Lasers & Material Processing division of Jenoptik is constantly working to improve its products and adapt them to the permanent rising customer demands. At booth 8916 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, Jenoptik will present its latest products and developments for various medical applications.

Learn more and visit us at the SPIE BiOS in San Francisco from February 7 to 8, 2015 in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, booth 8916.

High-power semiconductor laser at 760 nanometers

Jenoptik is extending its product portfolio for medical applications by including high-power semiconductor lasers emitting at 760 nanometers. This wavelength is used in dermatology and medical hair removal and until now, was only possible to achieve employing alexandrite lasers. The new 760 nanometer semiconductor lasers are efficient, robust, reliable and fully qualified for medical applications. Its laser bars have a fill factor of 30 percent and a 1.5 mm resonator length, providing an optical power of 40 watts at more than 50 percent efficiency (WPE).

At SPIE BiOS, Jenoptik will present beam sources that are based on this new type of semiconductors. They are highly efficient and feature a compact and lightweight design. The semiconductor stacks provide customers with water cooling and a window for easy integration into dermatological handpieces. In addition to this, the new semiconductors are adapted to the pulse lengths and the repetition rates necessary for thermokinetic selectivity and thus for modern epilation.

20-watt diode laser with 1,470 nanometers wavelength

Jenoptik has also extended its product portfolio in the area of fiber-coupled diode lasers: Apart from the existing wavelengths from 808 to 976 nanometers, new 1,470-nanometer diode lasers are now available for the customers. These modules have an output power of 20 Watts at 70 Amperes and a high brilliance (400 µm fiber core NA 0.22), making them ideal for applications in endovenous laser treatment. The Jenoptik module offers fiber detection, pilot laser and power monitoring, making it easy to integrate into the end users' devices. At the same time, it is equipped with all the necessary safety features to allow certification in accordance with DIN EN 60825-1.

The redundant, inductive fiber sensors preserve the sensitive surface of the active fiber and thus increase its longevity. In conjunction with a standardized SMA 905 coupling, the customer gets a very versatile module. Its general robustness and longevity are further increased by a tightly fastened fiber adapter that is able to tolerate stress and accidental impacts on the fiber plug occurring in real-life application as a medical laser.

Disk laser JenLas® 8W including control electronics

The proven green disk laser JenLas® with an output power of up to 8 W (CW) will also be presented in San Francisco. In order to improve direct integration, the Jenoptik is now also available in a version including an OEM industrial electronics system or in a compact version that has been tested in accordance with the medical electrical equipment and systems standard DIN EN 6060-1.

The frequency-doubled diode-pumped disk laser is characterized by a high beam quality and a wavelength of 532 nanometers. In addition to the increased power, the OEM design and the small overall size allow for easy integration in various laser-based processing systems at the customer’s site and the miniaturization of the end devices.

The JenLas® is based on Jenoptik's well-known and reliable JenLas® D2 technology. The laser is primarily used as a beam source in the field of medicine, especially in ophthalmology for retinal photocoagulation, but also in laser endoscopy and dermatology. Apart from medical applications, the laser is also successfully used for laser shows and projections.

About Jenoptik and the Lasers & Material Processing division

With its Lasers & Material Processing division, Jenoptik is one of the leading providers of laser technology and provides products and solutions along the entire value-added chain of laser material processing – from components up to complete laser systems. In the Lasers business unit, the company has specialized in high-quality semiconductor lasers, reliable diode lasers as modules or systems as well as innovative solid-state lasers such as disk and fiber lasers. This product portfolio makes Jenoptik the ideal partner for the entire pulse width range, from cw to fs. In the field of high-power diode lasers, the company is acknowledged as a worldwide quality leader.

In the Laser Processing Systems business unit, Jenoptik develops and manufactures laser machines which are integrated into its customers’ production lines as a part of their process optimization and automation. They serve for the processing of plastics and metals. Jenoptik laser systems ensure processing at maximum efficiency, precision and safety. In addition, customers can try out various laser sources and machines at the Application Center, thus finding the optimal solution for their application. The product portfolio is rounded off with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly exhaust cleaning systems for residue-free removal of pollutants during laser processing and other industrial processes.

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