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Jenoptik and Vysionics jointly present for the first time at traffic and ITS exhibition Traffex

From April 21-23, 2015, the Jenoptik Traffic Solutions division presents its complete product range for modern traffic monitoring at one of the industry’s most important trade fairs in Birmingham, UK. Besides Jenoptik innovations, solutions by Vysionics, the UK subsidiary, will also be brought into focus.

Jenoptik and Vysionics jointly present at Traffex exhibition
As the only supplier worldwide to offer all sensor technologies used in modern traffic monitoring i.e. laser scanners, radar, piezo, induction loops and video, Jenoptik positions itself together with Vysionics as a supplier of complete systems solutions for improved traffic safety world-wide – including consulting, project planning and implementation, as well as operation.

One highlight is the flexibility concept that allows customers to deploy core components of traffic safety systems in a wider variety of different applications. To this end, a laser scanner or radar sensor is combined with the state-of-the-art SmartCamera IV in a compact module which can easily be integrated to address a variety of user needs.

For mobile use, it can be mounted in a car or – using the easy-to-handle TraffiTop housing, on a tripod or on the container TraffiBase. For stationary use, the module is integrated into the design-award winning TraffiTower 2.0. Additionally, the system can now also be used in the new TraffiCompact housing that is presented at Traffex for the first time. This concept expands the flexibility of deployment and the variety of enforcement possibilities, thereby ensuring greater efficiency and lower whole life cost.

More flexibility with new TraffiCompact housing

The new pole-mounted TraffiCompact housing impresses with its ergonomic design and functionality – made possible by a new hydroforming production process. The housing offers easy access to all components, displays and lenses while the open hood serves as rain protection. This makes operation and maintenance easy and cost effective. The housing’s design follows the same style of earlier, design-award winning products such as TraffiTower and TraffiTop and has also been created by designer Ralf Jakubowski.

The UK subsidiary Vysionics Ltd. will be showing a wide range of ANPR based technologies, including SPECS3 VECTOR, the very latest average speed solution, VECTOR, the highly successful integrated ANPR camera unit, and VORTEX, a complete parking and access control suite of cameras and software. Vysionics has now delivered more than 350 average speed enforcement solutions, so will be showcasing this experience in temporary roadworks and route management schemes.

For detailed information on the comprehensive approach for greater traffic safety and on Jenoptik’s and Vysionics’ new products and services, come and talk to one of our experts on booth B22 at Traffex in Birmingham from April 21 to 23.

About Jenoptik and the Traffic Solutions division

As an integrated photonics group, Jenoptik operates in five divisions: Lasers & Material Processing, Optical Systems, Industrial Metrology, Traffic Solutions and Defense & Civil Systems.

In the Traffic Solutions division, Jenoptik develops, manufactures and markets components and systems that increase road traffic safety throughout the world. The product portfolio, which is based on the proven Robot technology, includes comprehensive systems for all aspects of road traffic, such as speed and red-light monitoring systems as well as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products and systems for detecting traffic violations. In the services area, the Jenoptik division covers every aspect of the support process chain – from system development, construction and installation of the monitoring infrastructure, to capturing images of infringements and their automatic processing, through to issuing the citations and collecting the fines as the system operator.

Traffic Solutions

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